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Setting things straight

Position No 1:

As initiator and creator of the military program (basic and advance trainers) of Special Forces self-defense school and the military manual ” Hand to hand combat (melee) of Special Forces “applied for the first time in Greek Special Forces ” as a result of work requiring dedication of many hours of personal time even at the expense of my family obligations and closely IMPLIED my economic interest “

“The above”

“I delivered them as the lasting legacy in the arsenal of special forces and my colleagues”

Accordingly I need to mention that any kind of presentation or use of the above former or activists or individuals do not have my approval.

This Communication seeks to inform everyone, as it was observed that several who were trained according to the above they appropriated and taking advantage of them as they are presenting to educational institutions – federations and the public as a self-defense martial art-system of their own creation !!! without having any consistent approval by me.

“The rule and compass of what I am teaching remained and remains the promotion and dissemination of those who strengthen the mind and body to the benefit of us all, and in no case the creation of a copy chain and fake franchising with purely profit activitys is something that I want to be a part of.”


Position No 2:

Successful treatment of an enemy always requires proper preparation, physically and above all mentally. Physical strength simply helps our coming from within Force, to restore harmony to our surroundings. When, for example, someone attacks us without justification, he disrupts the normal order and sequence whom all persons as bearers of human civilization must defend. As Orthodox Christians, we understand in a certain way this very normality, sequence and mutual respect, since we believe in principles who despite all obstacles defined and still do, the peaceful coexistence of peoples in Eastern Church of Christ for thousands of years. It is no coincidence that the Thought & Battle System, called Systema, in order to honor the language of the Gospels, supports and promotes the return and of the agressor to former normality and not his annihilation, because a group of people should be based on mutual help even through imposition, rather than a punitive or a complete banning of a member. Since an online theological debate is inappropriate, it should be enough to add, without bigotry of any kind, that our thinking and practice owes much to our Orthodox faith and Holy Mountain Fathers who teach us through their writings and teachings, the Order coming from with in, leading us, to seek and defend her everywhere around us.