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SYSTEMA Russian Martial Art & experiences 4

Hello, my name is Konstantinos, and I am a Systema practitioner from Cyprus. I have started Systema just 2 years ago and I have no experience in other martial arts. My teacher is Senior Instructor Lampros Fekkas from Greece. As a Systema beginner, I have been very impressed by its efficiency and even more excited with the appliance of its fundamentals in my daily routine – from simple to difficult situations. Therefore, I feel obligated to share with you my dreadful incident in which the Systema has helped me in a great manner.

In the afternoon, on the 17th of April last year, I decided to saddle my horse and go country riding. During the ride, I was searching for a suitable place to gallop my horse. After a few minutes, I found a large and level farm field that was ideal for that purpose. However, in the farm field, there were many piles of cropped wheat in parallel lines. Ignoring the cropped wheat, I entered the field and started galloping the horse between the lines in a parallel way. The only problem was that every time I made a turn, I had to cross over some of the wheat – pile – lines. Unfortunately, during a turn the horse slipped over a wheat – pile – line and fell. Immediately, I jumped off and managed to be separated from the horse. After that, the horse got panicked, stood up and started running – unfortunately in a direction towards me. Lying on the ground and trying to get up, I didn’t realize that the panicked horse was coming to me from behind. Unluckily, he hit me at the back near the spine at the area of the right kidney and got away. An enormous pain filled my back. I lost my balance and fell down shouting. The pain was getting bigger and bigger; it was so excruciating that my breath had stopped. I couldn’t shout anymore. All the muscles of my back were tightened and I started losing consciousness. At that moment, I recalled the pain management and the rest of the Systema basics I have learnt from my teacher Lampros Fekkas. I immediately started intensive burst – breathing, inhaling through nose and exhaling by the mouth trying simultaneously to relax my tightened body. These had managed to calm my agitated inner state giving me the psychological strength to withstand the whole difficulty and not to lose consciousness. Eventually, with small movements combined with breath, I took out my mobile phone and called for help. After an hour later, the ambulance came and took me to the hospital, where the doctors identified cracked ribs, kidney rupture and other serious wounds to my body. So, they decided to keep me in the intensive care unit for some days, and finally, after a month I went home. Fortunately, 6 months later, all the wounds had been treated and I have completely recovered.
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SYSTEMA Russian Martial Art & experiences 3

The martial art Systema (the system) is a well-structured military system that combines the knowledge of traditional martial systems and the knowledge of modern science, in particular biomechanics (biomechanics). Combines the modern with the old. Structured in a way to cope with all fight conditions. It is a system composed of entire philosophy and accessible to any who choose to deal, since the philosophy emphasizes, that each human body must be trained up there who can. Through the passage in the training and having understood the structure of the system enables the trainee to find his own paths by creating his own fighting techniques. That is, an open system that everyone can express himself by means of the training. With the right guidance and knowledge of the instructor Mr. Lampros Fekkas a trainee can learn the system safely and effectively.
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SYSTEMA Russian Martial Art & experiences 1

In all sports, including martial arts, structural and necessary element of a complete workout is a complete warm-up program. This introductory part of the training will lead the practitioner physically from the phase of calm in the phase where the peak intensity at practice smoothly and under optimum conditions.

Making an attempt to examined and judged on the effectiveness of the warm-up program of the instructor Mr. Fekkas, from physiotherapy perspective, can be derived some useful conclusions. Firstly be noted that this is not a standard warm-up program with the usual warm up exercise protocols. It is something much more complete and superior because it precedes from the training and could be described as warm – up

Originally instructor Mr.Fekkas tries to warm up trainees with small muscle contractions, eccentricaly and concetricaly . Thus, for the musculoskeletal and nervous system through the increasing the temperature, creating conditions for improving the elasticity of muscle fibers and contracticle parts of the muscles. Likewise, it s increasing the conduction velocity of nerve impulses thus making the operation of the protecting reflexes effectively.

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