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Systema Russian Martial Art

Until recently Systema intended to absolute secrecy for the higher echelons of the Soviet hierarchy and was the Russians Masters Vladimir Vasiliev and General Michael Ryabko who tried first to make it known in the West and the rest of the world.

Vladimir Vasiliev is Director and Head Trainer at Headquarters of Systema. Born in Russia, Vladimir was trained and served 10 years of service in Special Operations Units. He also served as trainer for elite units, (SWAT, and bodyguard).

As the leading student of General Ryabko, Vl. Vasiliev moved to Canada, and in 1993 founded the first school of Russian Martial Art Systema outside of Russia – (Headquarters of Systema).

Over the years however Vasiliev with the Orthodox Christian cultures and art of Systema, is recognized worldwide as ‘master’, and has worked so far for the writing, publishing, producing books, articles, dvd and has educate – certified instructors in almost every country.

Personal acquaintance with Vladimir Vasiliev and the perennial preoccupation with Systema, has allowed us to cultivate a team and competitive spirit that drives the modern man beyond a simple exercise of melee techniques.

Systema, the “system” is the base for goal achievement, for mental and physical development.