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The Dojo
(SYSTEMA Russian Martial Art Athens)

The Dojo is not a gym or a school, but an aim, an idea, a field of exchange of views on the exercise of the mind and body. Born as a personal need, the days of my travels abroad once as a member of Special Forces and other times as an ordinary researcher of martial arts around the world. Over 25 years devoted to the development of a philosophy of the body as a physical extension of the mind in complete alignment and balance with the natural order and an absolute belief in the harmonization of the natural aggressive instinct of the fighter with better knowledge of proper use.

Working daily to fit the cultural and martial art of Systema and of Ninjutsu, made possible the discovery of an integrated system of personal development in physical and spiritual level, not only as part of a fitness program, but primarily for the benefit of improving and maximizing individual abilities, skills and strengths.Our aim is not another method of fight, but personal improvement and development for each of us, to the maximum possible point, considering the study and practice of arts, not the purpose but the means to our advancement.

In this context, we have created a welcoming space for the exclusive purpose, to share and exchange knowledge and thoughts, with complete freedom.Respect fellow man through the acceptance of the particularities of each culture, with the ultimate aim of self-awareness, is the cornerstone of “The DOJO”.